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Off timerYes
Clean sign indicatorYes (3 steps)
Recommended area (Humidifying)16 m2
Haze ModeYes
Filter type (Pre-filter)Yes
Humidifying (Tank capacity)2.1 L
Power cord length (m)2.0
Standby power (W)0.9
Filter type (Humidifying)Yes
Operation modesmax / med / low /auto
Plug typeType C (2-pin)
Filter life (Dust Collection)Up to 2 years
Noise level (With humidifying)48 / 38 / 21
Power input (Without humidifying27 / 13 / 4.5
Dimension (WxHxD)380 x 570 x 197 mm
Filter life (Deodorizing filter)Up to 2 years
Body Colour- W (white)
Noise level (Without humidifying48 / 38 / 21
Replacement filterDeodorizing filter : FZ-Y30SFE, Humidifying filter : FZ-Y30MFE
Filter type (Dust collection)HEPA
Humidifying (Capacity)350 mL/hour
Sensor (Humidifying filter)Up to 1 years
Light control buttonYes (bright / off)
Airflow (With humidifying)180 / 125 / 52
Filter type (Deodorization)Yes
Airflow (Without humidifying)180 / 125 / 52
Sensor (Dust)Yes
CategoryHumidifying Air Purifier
Inverter operationYes
Clean sign indicator (Odor)Yes (3 steps)
Recommended area (Air purifying)21 m2
Clean ion showerYes
Humidifying (Humidifying system)Natural vaporization
Power input (With humidifying)27 / 13 / 4.5
Recommended area for high-dens17 m2

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